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Ecologic Spray Foam Insulation is a house insulation technology that is superior to conventional insulation materials.  Inch for inch, it is better insulator than fiberglass or cellulose.  It is a spray - on material that, when dry (or cured), blocks, air circulation, air leakage and moisture.  The airtight and watertight qualities add to the overall material, substantially improving the performance of an already superior product. Ecologic foam is the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly, close-cell spray in place polyurethane foam insulation system available today. Formulated from renewable agricultural soya oils and recycled plastics. Ecologic foam expands 30 times its liquid volume to completely fill voids and cracks which are often missed with traditional systems.


Ecologic Foam can be used in new home construction as well as retro upgrades.  It is applied to walls and ceilings before the interior walls are installed. With existing homes, it can be applied during renovations and upgrades.  It will increase the racking strength of a 2x4 studded wall by 300% when applied in this cavity and will have a massive 94% thermal efficiency as compared to only 16% with a batt of R-12 fiberglass. We are able to spray existing attics, crawl spaces and basements, including rim joists, which are a common area often poorly insulated in conventional construction and a source of energy loss.


Ecologic Spray Foam Insulation has other advantages that make it attractive to the homeowner.  Since it is both a water vapor and air barrier, it helps keep your house free of not only moisture but pollutants, dust, odors, allergens and mold as well.  The insulation is a "closed-cell" type which dries, hardens and substantially increases the strength of the building's exterior.  The foam also provides an excellent acoustical barrier, adding a subliminal level of comfort to any room. 


The greatest cause of heat loss in any building is "leakage".  With spray foam, it simply seals.  Therefore, if air is not leaking in or out of the building envelope then you are not constantly having to replace it,  costing you money.


"I could not possibly sell you a camping cooler insulated with fiberglass or wood chips? Of COURSE NOT! You want it made out of "foam and plastic" because you know it will seal in the temperature, no matter if its cold drinks on ice or taking a hot lasagna over to friends! You home is no different!"

Spray Foam History & Applications

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