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Spray Applied Technologies:  Fireproofing, Waterproofing and Air Barrier Systems

FIREPROOFING- Cementitious & Intumescent

Know as "Passive Fire Protection", cementitious and intumescent  products (commonly referred to as Fireproofing) are used to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire. These spray applied coatings are intended to insulate the structural steel members during the event of a fire, thus delaying any loss of the integrity of the structural members. Cementitious fireproofing is a wet mix plaster fireproofing substance, using a base of Portland cement or gypsum. This type of coating can be applied to fireproof steel beams, columns and roof decking for a fire resistance rating of 1 to 4 hours, for both restrained and unrestrained ratings.

Our unique all electric pumping station allows us the option to work indoors when weather conditions are not suitable

SMALL PATCH SERVICE- At affordable pricing!

Upgrading services or additions to existing building can often damage and compromise the integrity of the original application of fireproofing.  Without repairing such areas, the contractor responsible has now created a significant liability for the life of the building. 

Intumescent coatings provides architects the ability to design steel structures that can be exposed, decorative and aesthetically pleasing.  When coated to specific thickness, steel members conform to the required fire resistance rating. When exposed to the heat of a fire, the coating rapidly expands creating an "powder-like" encasement to "shield and protect" the steel.

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