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Using 2lb Density Foam & 1/2 lb Soundproofing Foam. 

If you are constructing or upgrading an existing commercial building- large or small, - we encourage you to get a quote from Ecologic Spray Foam.  Consider, when making your decision, that Ecologic uses Grizzly Gold Type II CCMC 14133L approved urethane foam which is manufactured by the industry leader .


  • Surpasses the requirements outlined in CAN/ULC S705.1-01 "Standard for thermal insulation - Spray applied rigid polyurethane foam, medium density- Material Specification."

  • Meets the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and is listed by the National Research Council of Canada under CCMC Listing #14133L.

  • Is formulated using the latest HFO Blowing Agent which become mandatory January 1st., 2021. This product meets all the requirements of the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer.

  • Is an approved LEED certified product and can only be installed by a CUFCA nationally certified installer.


President's VIP box Investor Group Field.

Sea-container washrooms for Assiniboine Park


Exterior metal walls at the Winnipeg Construction Association Building

Repair to exterior bowed surface on the Canadian Musemum of Human Rights.

Below grade mechanical heatlines encased in foam.



Not as common as 2 lb medium density foam, our open-cell 1/2 lb product offers unique soundproofing advantages in specialized applications.   The product expands 120X it's volume filling and sealing all penetrations and voids.



Soundproofing drain-lines in a multi-floor "high-end condo" unit.

Bev Rm 7.JPG

Soundproofing the ceiling of the beverage room in a new hotel project.

040413 025.JPG

Soundproofing walls and ceiling of a custom theater and studio rooms.

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